The Consolidations of the Frisco's class 1306 came from American Locomotive Company in 1912, and over the years were modified in various ways resulting in several subclasses. Specifications given for the class as a whole include an engine weight of 251,200 pounds and a tractive effort of 53,356 pounds. Driver diameter was 63 inches, with cylinder dimensions of 26x30 inches and 195 p.s.i. of boiler pressure. Grate area totaled slightly more than 50 square feet; evaporative heating surface was 3055 square feet, with 624 square feet of superheating surface. No. 1343 appears here at Monett, Missouri, apparently in storage (note the covered stack) on September 14, 1948. The photo, source not specified, came to our Random Steam Collection courtesy of Donna Harrison-Rodeghiero. By 1952 all members of the class had been withdrawn from service.