On display at the Museum of Transportation in suburban St. Louis is former Frisco Decapod No. 1621. It was a member of a large class of 2-10-0s built in 1917-18 by for service in Czarist Russia. The Bolshevik Revolution left some 200 of these "Russian Decapods" stranded in the United States, where they were converted from the Russian 5-foot gauge to standard gauge (4 feet 8½ inches) and sold to a number of American railroads. They had 24x28-inch cylinders and a driver diameter of 52 inches, and carried 180 p.s.i. of boiler pressure; for other specifications consult the commentary for No. 1628 following. I took this photo of No. 1621, an ALCo Richmond works product of 1917, at the Museum on July 12, 1990.