Southern Pacific 4-8-4 No. 4436 was delivered by Lima Locomotive Works in 1941, a member of the GS-4 class. These engines, originally sporting the "Daylight" livery with orange skirting trimmed in red, were capable of 110 miles per hour and headed the SP's premier passenger trains. Their final years in San Francisco commuter service, as seen in this June 1956 view from William D. Volkmer's collection, was clearly a case of overkill. Nevertheless it allowed these fine engines a few extra years of life before they were consigned to the scrapper's torch. They had drivers 80 inches in diameter, sustained 300 p.s.i. of boiler pressure, and had 25½x 32-inch cylinders. Weighing 475,000 pounds, they exerted 66,326 pounds of tractive force. Their grate area measured 90 square feet, their evaporative heating surface 4887 square feet, and their superheating surface 2086 square feet. Like all the SP 4-8-4s they were oil-burners, their tenders holding 6275 gallons of fuel.