This builder's photo of Wheeling & Lake Erie class K-1 2-8-4 No. 6401 was provided by Wayne Koch. The American Locomotive Company erected the first ten W&LE Berkshires in 1937 following the design of the Advisory Mechanical Committee of the Van Sweringen brothers, who controlled the W&LE and several other companies. Versions of the AMC/Van Sweringen Berkshires were owned by six railroads (see the commentary on Nickel Plate No. 757), the last being constructed by Lima in 1949 for the NKP. The Wheeling & Lake Erie's were the only group featuring disc drivers, and shared the inboard-journal pilot truck only with the ten engines delivered to the Richmond, Fredericksburg & Potomac. For the dimensions of these Berkshires, consult the following page for No. 6414. After the 1949 takeover of the W&LE by the Nickel Plate the former's Berkshires were renumbered into the NKP's 800 series and reclassified to S-4; No. 801 (the former 6401) was cut up in 1962, and all were scrapped by late 1964.