Although looking well-maintained and fit for duty in this June 6, 1958 photo, Nickel Plate No. 757 and its fellow S-2 Berkshires had only about six weeks to run before dropping their fires in retirement. These 2-8-4s had 90 square feet of grate area, 4780 square feet of evaporative heating surface and 1930 square feet of superheater service. Their original design was the work of the Van Sweringen brothers' Advisory Mechanical Committee, and was used by several other railroads that ordered 2-8-4s of almost identical specifications in the years before and after World War II — the Wheeling & Lake Erie; the Pere Marquette; the Richmond, Fredericksburg & Potomac; the Virginian; and the Chesapeake & Ohio. David Leonard, my brother, took the photograph at the NKP's Calumet terminal in Chicago. This locomotive survives; it was long displayed at the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania, but has been acquired by the Mad River & NKP Railroad Museum at Bellevue, Ohio for cosmetic restoration.