This page of our Random Steam Photo Collection presents images from railroads operating in Canada. Many of these photos are provided by Tom Rock of Cleveland, Tennessee (Rock on Trains), and were taken by railfans in southern Ontario. A group of Canadian Pacific photos taken by A. B. Crompton came to our collection from Tac Foley of England, Ontario and Oregon. Some photos are the work of my brother, the late David V. Leonard, while others were taken by Elwin K. Heath. Often the dates and, sometimes, the locations are unknown as well as the names of the original photographers, but I have supplied all the crediting information available to me.

Click on the selections below to bring up a full size image with commentary. You can also page through the collection sequentially. For additional Canadian National steam photos taken by my brother, visit David Leonard's CNR-GTW Steam Gallery, 1958. For United States railroads, return to The U.S. Collection where there is information about our other pages featuring steam locomotives; or explore all the links at left.

Dr. Richard Leonard

Note: In the specifications for these locomotives, cylinder dimensions are stated as diameter times stroke (e.g., 26x30). The abbreviation p.s.i. applied to boiler pressure designates pounds per square inch.