The P-5-h class of 32 0-8-0s were the last group of steam switch engines to enter service on the Canadian National. They were erected by the railroad's own shops in 1930-1931. Having drivers 51 inches in diameter, they had cylinder dimensions of 22x28 inches and sustained 220 p.s.i. of boiler pressure. They had 50 square feet of grate area, 2515 square feet of evaporative heating surface, and 580 square feet of superheater surface. With a locomotive weight of 221,800 pounds, they put out 49,691 pounds of tractive effort. Ken Kerr snapped this view of No. 8397 at London, Ontario, in or around 1939, and it came to our collection through his son, Douglas Kerr. My brother photographed the same locomotive being shopped at Stratford, Ontario, in 1958.