New York Central's Hudson No. 5372, the former Michigan Central 8227, backs up to couple to its train at the Windsor depot (note the Baker valve gear in reverse position). The train had probably originated in Detroit, hauled through the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel behind a pair of R1 B+B electric motors. No. 5372 belonged to a group of class J1d 4-6-4s that the American Locomotive Company built for NYC's Michigan Central lines in 1929-30. These 79-inch-drivered locomotives sustained a steam pressure of 225 p.s.i. and had 25x28-inch cylinders. With their booster cut in the J1s produced 53,250 pounds of tractive force, and they weighed about 362,000 pounds. They had 82 square feet of grate area, 4485 square feet of evaporative heating surface, and 1950 square feet of superheating surface. This 1950s scene comes from Tom Rock of Rock on Trains, photographer unidentified.