Canadian Pacific Consolidation No. 3674 was a member of class N2a, outshopped originally in 1910 as No. 1874 of class N3a by Montreal Locomotive Works. As rebuilt to class N2 her dimensions were the same as those of No. 3632. Locomotives of this class had 50 square feet of grate area, 2316 square feet of evaporative heating surface, and a superheating surface of 602 square feet. They developed 43,395 pounds of tractive effort, not insignificant for locomotive of their size. No. 3674's coal bunker, like those of other CPR 2-8-0s, was set back from the sides of her tender for better crew visibility in switching maneuvers, an advantage in local freight or yard service as shown here. Tom Rock of Rock on Trains provided this image, taken at Windsor, Ontario by an anonymous photographer sometime before 1949. According to Ray Verdone's CPR Steam Locomotives Database this engine was rebuilt in 1949 to class P1n 2-8-2 No. 5252, and was retired ten years later.