Southern Ontario is the setting for this photograph of Wabash Railroad 2-6-2 (Prairie type) No. 2022, though no other information about its origin is available. Tom Rock of T.D.R. Productions provided the image from his collection. The 2-6-2 type was favored by some railroads in the Midwest and West during the early twentieth century. After larger power was introduced these Prairies were sidelined into local or branch line service, but the Wabash rostered 99 members of this G-1 class as late as 1940. They were built by Baldwin and ALCo in 1906-07 in two groups differing mainly in driving wheel diameter; No. 2022 belonged to the first group that had 70-inch drivers and developed 38,370 pounds of tractive force. The G-1s had cylinder dimensions of 23x28 inches and a boiler pressure of 215 p.s.i. Relatively light engines at 186,000 pounds, these slim-boilered steamers had 3700 square feet of evaporative heating surface and, at least originally, were not superheated. By 1950 all had been scrapped.