1020 Originally numbered 2795 when it rolled off the erecting floor of The Locomotive & Machine Company of Montreal in 1912, Canadian Pacific class D10h Consolidation No. 1020 assumed its final number a year later when she was reclassified from D10g to D10h. In 1937 she was reassigned to the CPR's Nova Scotia subsidiary, the Dominion Atlantic. We see her in that guise in this November, 1957 photo by A. B. Crompton, courtesy of Tac Foley. For the specifications of class D10, see the pages for Nos. 946 and 1057. Steve Llanso, in Wes Barris's page on Canadian Pacific 4-6-0 Locomotives, quotes comments by Canada's Science & Technology Museum on the D10 class, as follows: "Their success lay in a dependable and uncomplicated design, which incorporated such technical improvements as piston valves and simplified valve gear, devices just gaining acceptance in North America at that time. They were an effective platform for Canadian Pacific's innovative study of superheaters that lead to that energy saving device's acceptance on North American railways. These engines were a transitional design that reflected changes in locomotive engineering while also retaining some features typical of nineteenth-century engines."