Canadian Pacific 2-10-0 No. 5754 had an interesting history, having begun life as a compound 0-6-6-0 in class R1b. The railroad's Angus Shops erected this locomotive in 1911 as No. 1954, one of a group of similar locomotives noted for being the only articulated engines operated by a Canadian railroad and also for having their two sets of drivers arranged head-to-head, with all four cylinders clustered in the center of the wheelbase. (Read the description, with photos, on the Articulated 0-6-6-0 page of the "Old Time Trains" site.) In 1912 this engine was renumbered to 5754, and in 1916 the Angus Shops rebuilt her into a 2-10-0, reclassified to R2b. As rebuilt, members of this subclass had dimensions similar to those of the R-3 class (see the page for No. 5771 following) except that their cylinder dimensions were 23½x32 inches, they weighed 224,000 pounds, and they had 410 square heat of superheating surface. No. 5754 was scrapped in 1960; this image from Jack Swanberg shows her at the St-Luc terminal in Montréal on September 1, 1956.