Canadian Pacific's second group of semi-streamlined Hudsons, Nos. 2850-2859 of class H1d, came from Montreal Locomotive Works in 1938. This view of No. 2856 at Windsor, Ontario, the work of anonymous photographer at an unknown date, is from the collection of Tom Rock of T.D.R. Productions. Although not one of the two members of this group that pulled the royal train in 1939, No. 2856 received the "Royal Hudson" designation along with the others. Notice, however, that its brass crown is missing in this photo, perhaps having been removed by a souvenir collector. With a grate area of 81 square feet, these "Royal Hudsons" boasted an evaporative heating surface totaling 3791 square feet and a superheating surface of 1542 square feet. For their other specifications see the commentary for No. 2836.