Canadian Pacific 4-6-4 No. 2860 was the first of the final group of Royal Hudsons, the H1e class of five members erected in 1940 by Montreal Locomotive Works. This class had the same general specifications as the preceding H1c and H1d classes, but was somewhat heavier at 366,000 pounds and had slightly less superheating surface at 1542 square feet. Additionally, they were built as oil-burners; notice the auxiliary tender providing an extra supply of fuel and water. Four of the semi-streamlined Hudsons have been preserved including No. 2860 which, after being displayed at the Canadian Railway Museum (Exporail) in Saint-Constant (Delson), Québec, was acquired by the Province of British Columbia and was operational for a time, as shown in this view. The above image, which came to our Random Steam Collection through Tom Rock of Rock on Trains, shows No. 2860 on display in Vancouver, British Columbia early in her second career.