The Canadian Pacific line to Port NcNicoll on Georgian Bay was a connection with steamships plying Lake Huron. As mentioned in the quotation from Raymond Kennedy on the previous page, this line was steam-powered to the end of steam on the CPR, with Consolidation 3722 making the last run on April 30, 1960. Another engine assigned to the branch at the time was 2-8-0 No. 3632, which A. B. Crompton photographed at Port McNicoll on a cold January 2, 1960. Information supplied by Ray Verdone in his CPR Steam Locomotives Database indicates that it was a 1911 product of Canadian Locomotive Company and entered CPR service as No. 1832 of class N3a. It took a different number, 3832, in 1913. In 1926 it was rebuilt with slightly smaller cylinders, at 23x32 inches, and renumbered 3632 of class N2a. It had a boiler pressure of 190 p.s.i. and 63-inch drivers, and weighed 218,000 pounds. No. 3632 was scrapped in 1961, about a year after the dieselization of the Port McNicoll line. Tac Foley contributed this image.