Canadian Pacific 4-6-2 No. 1278, of class G5d, was built by the Canadian Locomotive Company in 1948. It is one of six class G5 CPR 4-6-2s still in existence, and the most notorious because of the boiler explosion that occurred in June 1995 when it was in service on the Gettysburg Railroad in Pennsylvania. Today this locomotive is at the Age of Steam Roundhouse near Sugarcreek, Ohio, awaiting potential restoration. The G5 class has a grate area of 46 square feet, an evaporative heating surface of 2576 square feet, and a superheater surface of 744 square feet; for other specifications, see the commentary on No. 1263. A. B. Crompton snapped this photo of No. 1278 at an unknown date and location while it was still in service on the Canadian Pacific. Tac Foley provided the image for our collection. For another image of this locomotive my father, Dr. R. D. Leonard, took in 1975, click here.