Michigan's Pere Marquette Railroad operated lines in southern Ontario as well, and this photo of class C-2 Consolidation No. 274 was likely taken in Windsor although the precise details, including photographer and date, are lacking. Erected by American Locomotive Company in 1905, these 2-8-0s mustered 33,400 pounds of tractive force on the basis of 20x28-inch cylinders, 57-inch drivers and 200 p.s.i. of boiler pressure. These modest dimensions were continued in the 44-square-foot grate area, 1905-square-foot evaporative heating surface, and 395-foot total superheating surface. While small engines, these 2-8-0s with their Stephenson valve gears and squared steam chests served into the post-World War II era, the last examples being retired in 1948. This image was contributed by Tom Rock of Rock on Trains.