Canadian National No. 2629 makes up its local freight in the yards at Stratford, Ontario, on September 5, 1958. This class N-4-a 2-8-0 was erected 1908 by Montreal Locomotive Works for the Grand Trunk Railway, with this example being originally numbered 633. With 23x32-inch cylinders, 63-inch drivers and 180 p.s.i. of boiler pressure, these engines developed 41,111 pounds of tractive effort and weighed 211,200 pounds. They had a 51 square-foot grate area, 2115 square feet of evaporative heating surface, and 465 square feet of superheating surface. The large N-4 class numbered some 232 locomotives, more than a third of the 665 Consolidations on a Canadian National roster published in 1937. David Leonard took the photograph just five months before this engine was dropped from the roster.