As the anonymous photographer's shadow suggests, this photo of Pere Marquette 2-8-0 No. 921 was taken at the same time and place as that of No. 274, previously. The engines of class SC had a boiler pressure of only 180 p.s.i., but with 57-inch drivers and 25x30-inch cylinders they developed 50,300 pounds of tractive force. They weighed 214,000 pounds and had a 56-square-foot grate area. Their evaporative heating service totaled 2875 square feet and their superheater surface 550 square feet. This group of Consolidations survived into the Chesapeake & Ohio's absorption of the Pere Marquette in 1947, reclassified as G-1 and renumbered in the 700 range; all were retired by 1951. Tom Rock of Rock on Trains supplied this image.