The U-2-h class of 30 locomotives was the last group of 4-8-4s the Canadian National ordered, being delivered by Montreal Locomotive Works in 1943 and 1944. No. 6235, shown here, belonged to the 1943 group. Overall specifications for all of the U-2 subclasses were similar, as shown on the pages for Nos. 6155 and 6237, but they differed in details such as feedwater heater type or frame construction, and in locomotive weight. Note that No. 6235 has an exhaust steam injector, mounted next to the left rear driver, in place of the bundle-type feedwater heater of earlier subclasses. The U-2-h class was almost the heaviest group, tipping the scales at more than 200 tons, probably because of wartime restrictions on the domestic use of lighter metals. David Leonard captured this image of No. 6235 in Toronto on September 4, 1958.