In the heyday of steam power the Canadian National Railways owned 460 class S 2-8-2 or Mikado type engines; only the Consolidations outnumbered them. This view of No. 3367, a member of class S-1-d, was taken by Elwin K. Heath at Truro, Nova Scotia in 1948. Canadian Locomotive Company erected these 60 locomotives in 1818-19 for the Canadian Government Railway, predecessor of the CNR, as Nos. 2930-2989 — this example being No. 2967. They had the 63-inch drivers that were standard for CNR Mikados, and their other specifications were practically the same as those of the S-1-b class, described previously. No. 3367 was retired in 1958.

During the 1950s Elwin K. Heath of Barre, Vermont edited a mimeographed newsletter for the Rail Photo Service of Boston. Subscribers contributed information about where steam could still be found, and my father and I submitted several reports of our own activities and findings. We also exchanged some photos with Mr. Heath. On a family visit to Vermont we had the pleasure of meeting him, and his wife served us ice cream.