Canadian Pacific's second group of semi-streamlined Hudsons, Nos. 2850-2859 of class H1d, came from Montreal Locomotive Works in 1938. In 1939, when King George VI and Queen Elizabeth toured Canada by train, the first two members of the H1d class were repainted in special livery, with a small brass crown attached to the skirting above the cylinders, and assigned to the royal train. After the monarchs returned to Great Britain the locomotives were restored to their original appearance, but the Canadian Pacific was granted permission to apply the crown to the skirting of all the semi-streamlined 4-6-4s, thus designating them the famous "Royal Hudsons." This CPR publicity view of the original Royal Hudson came to our collection from Noel Giffin, and belonged to his father Kenneth Levi Giffin. No. 2850 was preserved and is displayed at the Canadian Railway Museum (Exporail) in Saint-Constant (Delson), Québec.