A later view of the CNR's Hudson No. 5704, by an unidentified photographer, finds her taking on coal at Stratford, Ontario at an indeterminate date in the 1950s. Her original outboard-journal pilor truck has been replaced by the inboard-journal type. Notice, also, that the smoke deflectors visible on No. 5701 are absent from this locomotive. The Canadian National Railways had only five Hudson type locomotives, but their 80-inch diameter driving wheels made them the speediest steamers on the system. See the comments on No. 5701 for the dimensions of this class. Two examples are preserved, No. 5703 (renumbered as 5700) is preserved at the Elgin County Railway Museum in St. Thomas, Ontario, and No. 5702 at the Canadian Railway Museum (Exporail) in Saint-Constant (Delson), Québec. Our Random Steam Collection displays this view thanks to Tom Rock of Rock on Trains.