In 1931, during the depth of the Great Depression, few railroads ordered new locomotives from builders in the United States. An exception was the Reading's order from Baldwin for ten 2-10-2s of class K-1sb. They differed slightly from the Reading's earlier home-built 2-10-2s, having the same 61½-inch drivers and 30½x32-inch cylinders but a higher boiler pressure of 225 p.s.i. The heaviest 2-10-2 (or "Santa Fe") types ever built, they weighed 439,900 pounds minus tender and produced 92,571 pounds of tractive effort. Grate area measured 108 square feet, evaporative heating surface 5472 square feet, and superheater surface 1578 square feet. No. 3014 posed for this Baldwin builder's photo procured from an eBay seller. By the end of 1954 all members of the class had been retired.