Boston & Maine 4-4-2 No. 3224 prepares to depart Boston's North Station in an undated image supplied from the collection of Carl Weber. These Atlantics of class J-1b were delivered in 1908-09 by ALCo's Schenectady and Manchester works. They had 79-inch drivers, cylinder dimensions of 19x28 inches, and 200 p.s.i. of boiler pressure. They had 2895 square feet of evaporative heating surface and a grate area of 41¾ square feet. They weighed 178,600 pounds and mustered a modest 21,751 pounds of tractive force. Erected with Stephenson valve gear, they were not superheated. However, those that did not see early retirement in favor of more powerful engines were retrofitted with the Walschaerts valve gear as shown here. By 1947 all had been dropped from the roster.