The final group of Boston & Maine 2-8-4s, class T-1b, came from Lima Locomotive Works in 1929. No. 4024 appears in this postcard view by David Holway, location and date not specified. The 100-square-foot grate area of these "Limas" required a large firebox supported at the rear by the trailing truck, which also transmitted the power to the tender and the train following. This arrangement placed extra stress on the firebox and also rendered the truck prone to derailing during a reverse move under load. For these reasons and others, including a tendency for the drivers to slip, the B&M found these engines problematic and sold 17 of the T-1a class to the Southern Pacific and the Santa Fe in 1945 when the western railroads needed to handle increased traffic as World War II being pressed to its conclusion on the Pacific theater. The T-1b class weighed slightly more than the earlier group, at 403,000 pounds; for other specifications consult the comments for No. 4016 and 4021. No. 4024 shown here was the first of the T-1b class to be scrapped, in 1946, and all but one were gone by 1951.