In 1935 the Baldwin Locomotive Works delivered six 4-6-4T locomotives to the Central Railroad of New Jersey. These "double-enders," designed to operate in either direction, were well suited to certain of the Jersey Central's suburban operations where turning facilities were not available. Their low 63-inch drivers enabled them to start their train quickly after frequent station stops. Cylinder dimensions were 21x26 inches and boiler pressure was 200 p.s.i. They weighed 291,700 pounds and produced 31,000 pounds of tractive force. Grate area was slightly more than 68 square feet, while the evaporative heating surface totaled 1923 square feet and the superheater surface 430 square feet. The CRRNJ originally classed these engines as H-1s, but changed the classification to SU-31 in 1945 to reflect their tractive effort specification; all were retired by 1950. J. R. Quinn photographed No. 230 at the Jersey Central terminal at Communipaw, New Jersey on September 22, 1938, in this view acquired via eBay.