No information is available concerning the date, location, or photographer for this image of C&NW 2-8-2 No. 2576 from the collection of Donna Harrison-Rodeghiero. Like later members of the North Western's class J, No. 2576 featured the Young valve gear driven off the crosshead. The presence of a delta trailing truck suggests that this locomotive was among those rebuilt, raising the boiler pressure from 185 p.s.i. to 200 p.s.i. and increasing the driver diameter to 64inches; cylinder dimensions remained unchanged. Evaporative heating surface for the rebuilds is given as 3795square feet, with superheating surface being raised to 1112 square feet; the grate area remained at 63 square feet. The rebuilt engines, which also received mechanical stokers, were reclassified J-A.; No 2575, an ALCo product of 1923, received its stoker in 1942. These Mikados developed 61,965 pounds of tractive force and weighed 319,000 pounds. Some received a disc main driver, and photos reveal that a few had a fell set of disc driver centers.