No information is available concerning the date, location, or photographer for this image of C&NW 2-8-2 No. 2576 from the collection of Donna Harrison-Rodeghiero. No. 2576 belonged to the North Western's class J, a large group of 310 locomotives, and like the later members of the class featured the Young valve gear driven off the crosshead. With 62-inch drivers, they mustered a boiler pressure of 185 p.s.i. and had cylinder dimensions of 27x32 inches. Evaporative heating surface totaled 4154 square feet, superheating surface 890 square feet, and grate area 63 square feet. They developed 59,167 pounds of tractive force and weighed 304,500 pounds. The class Js were the mainstay of the C&NW's freight operations until the advent of diesels.