Chicago Great Western 4-6-2 No. 932, of class K-5s, appears at Kansas City in this April 30, 1947 view ascribed to Charles E. Winters. Constructed in the railroad's Oelwein, Iowa shops (another source says Baldwin Locomotive Works), this class was the CGW's only group of Pacifics built as such — the others having been converted from 2-6-2s or 4-6-0s. With a total engine and tender weight of 320,160 pounds they mustered 25,950 pounds of tractive effort. Driver diameter was 68 inches, low for a Pacific. Their cylinders measured 20½x26 inches, and their boiler pressure was 190 p.s.i. Grate area totaled 40 square feet, with 2325 square feet of evaporative heating surface and 494 square feet of superheating surface. These modest dimensions were enough to handle the CGW's minimal passenger service requirements, but the care the Oelwein craftsmen put into the CGW's steam fleet is evident in the retrofitted disk main driver — a feature they applied even to outmoded types like Ten-Wheelers.