This photo of Milwaukee Road 4-6-4 No. 128, formerly 6403, was supplied by Carl Weber; it is dated May 30, 1953, and the location is Fox Lake, Illinois as revealed by the name on the water tower in the background. Visible here are some of the alterations applied to the F-6 class through the years including the addition of the Mars light, which required the off-center remounting of the bell, and the diesel-like air horn. The original boiler-tube "cowcatcher" pilot has been replaced by the sheet steel type. The spoked driver counterweights contain holes, perhaps in the attempt to improve counterbalancing at speed. The function of the pipe running up the opposite front of the smokebox is unknown. These locomotives had 80-inch drivers, 26x28-inch cylinders, and 225 p.s.i. of boiler pressure. They produced 45,250 pounds of tractive effort, and weighed 380,220 pounds. For other specifications, see the commentary for No. 135. No. 128 was retired in 1954.