Of the five members of the Chesapeake & Ohio's L-1 class of Hudsons, only No. 494 was not given the streamlined shroud familiar from the preserved No. 490 at the B&O Railroad Museum in Baltimore. An anonymous photographer captured this rare view at an undisclosed date and location, in a photo acquired via eBay. The C&O's Huntington, West Virginia shops erected the L-1 class in 1946-47 using the former F-19 class of Pacifics, giving them the same numbers — although little was left of the original locomotive in the finished product, only the firebox and boiler shell being retained. A new one-piece cast frame and roller-bearing rods were among the notable improvements, but the most obvious was the application of Franklin oscillating-cam poppet valves. The L-1s had 4414 square feet of evaporative heating surface, 2001 square feet of superheating surface, and 81 square feet of grate area. Driver diameter was 74 inches, boiler pressure 210 p.s.i., and cylinder dimensions 27x28 inches. Weighing 388,700 pounds, they produced 49,237 pounds of tractive effort. All members of the class were retired by 1955, only the streamlined No. 490 being spared the torch.