No. 614 was the last new steam locomotive delivered to the Chesapeake & Ohio and is the only survivor of the railroad's Greenbrier 4-8-4s. The locomotive has an interesting history. To avoid confusion with a leased Richmond, Fredericksburg & Potomac 4-8-4 with the same number, the C&O renumbered it to 611 shortly before retirement in 1956. The locomotive carried that number at the B&O Railroad Museum until 1979, when Ross E. Rowland, Jr. acquired the engine and restored it, renumbering it back to 614. The 4-8-4 operated briefly for the Chessie System Safety Express. Subsequently, Rowland installed computer equipment and used the locomotive for test runs in West Virginia in 1985 in connection with the American Coal Enterprises ACE 3000 project to design a new type of coal-burning locomotive. When that project ended No. 614 returned to the B&O Museum, but in 1995 it was moved to storage at the New Hope & Ivyland in Pennsylvania and headed a series of excursions out of Hoboken, New Jersey in 1996. In 2012 No. 614 was moved to display at the C&O Railway Heritage Center in Clifton Forge, Virginia.

Specifications for the J-3a class are given for No. 610, previously. No. 614 is shown above at Fostoria, Ohio, shortly after delivery by the builder, but the photographer is unnamed. The photo was part of the Harold Vollrath collection and found its way into the ABPR Archive through the efforts of Bud Laws. However, this copy came prior to 2008 from a now-discontinued Flickr site.