Ann Arbor 2-8-2 No. 2480 poses at an unidentified terminal in this undated and unattributed view saved from a discontinued Internet site. Delivered in 1916 by the American Locomotive Company, she was originally numbered 180 and assigned to class H. After the Wabash Railroad took control of the Ann Arbor in 1925, she was reassigned to class K-6 and renumbered to 2480 in the Wabash sequence. With 63-inch drivers, the three locomotives of class H had cylinder dimensions of 27x30 inches and sustained a boiler pressure of 185 p.s.i. They weighed 294,500 pounds and exerted 54,588 pounds of tractive effort. With 70 square feet of grate area, they had an evaporative heating surface of 3,905 square feet and 910 square feet of superheating surface. Although delivered to the AA in pre-Wabash days, No. 2480 displays an unmistakable Wabash "face," perhaps the result of rebuilding in the parent road's Decatur, Illinois shops which evidently included the application of the Worthington type SA feedwater heater (the squarish device ahead of the stack). This image is also found in the ABPR Archive, having been uploaded by Bud Laws.