Brawniest steam power on the Central Railroad of New Jersey were the twenty Mikados of class M-3as, erected by Baldwin Locomotive Works in 1925. They had 63-inch drivers and cylinder dimensions of 27x32 inches, and carried 200 p.s.i. of boiler pressure. They weighed 340,510 pounds and exerted 62,949 pounds of tractive effort. The "s" in their classification indicated that they were equipped with superheaters, as were most "modern" steam engines; they had 993 square feet of superheater surface, 4335 square feet of evaporative heating surface, and a grate area of 95 square feet. In 1945, all 2-8-2s on the Jersey Central Lines were combined into the M-63 class. The Jersey Central's passenger department sent me this publicity photo of No. 930 when I wrote to them around 1952 asking for timetables for my collection. Ironically, one source claims the locomotive had been sold for scrap in 1951.