In 1923 the Chicago & Eastern Illinois took delivery of six class K-3 Pacific-type locomotives from Lima Locomotive Works. With 79-inch drivers, these 4-6-2s were the C&EI's premier passenger power until the diesel era. They weighed 306,000 pounds and produced 43,925 pounds of tractive effort. Cylinder dimensions were 27x28 inches and boiler pressure was 200 p.s.i. Having a grate area of almost 71 square feet, they boasted 4289 square feet of evaporative heating surface and 1141 square feet of superheater surface. No. 1022 of the K-3 class appears here at Chicago on February 4, 1936 in a photo attributed to Joseph Schick of Keensburg, Colorado and acquired from an eBay seller. By the end of 1950 all members of this group had been retired.