Preserved at the Wheels o' Time Museum just north of Peoria, Illinois is this class P-31 4-6-2 of the Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific. The last Rock Island steam-powered train to leave Peoria was hauled by No. 886, which the railroad agreed to donate to the city. However, it was discovered too late that No. 886 had already been scrapped. Happily, sister No. 887 was still available and was renumbered 886 for the display, located originally in downtown Peoria. Reportedly, the bell mounting on this locomotive is not original, but came from a scrapped 5100-series 4-8-4. I snapped this digital photo on October 1, 2008. (Note: In this photo I have restored the cylinder sheathing, missing on the actual locomotive.) For specifications of this class of Rock Island 4-6-2s, see the commentary for No. 892 following.