In 1915 the Colorado & Southern took delivery from Baldwin of five 2-10-2s of class E-5A, Nos. 900-904. They had a driver diameter of 59 inches, 30x32-inch cylinders, and a boiler pressure of 200 pounds. With a grate area of 88 square feet, they weighed about 344,000 pounds and exerted 83,000 pounds of tractive effort. While the 2-10-2, or Santa Fe type, was the favored "drag freight" hauler going into the 1920s, the need for faster trains began to render them obsolete, and none were built new for North American railroads after 1931. Too large to be demoted to branch line and local service, many older examples were retired or rebuilt into other types. The CB&Q's Colorado & Southern subsidiary, however, was one railroad that kept 2-10-2s active until the end of steam operations. When my brother, David Leonard, took this photo of No. 902 at Denver on August 14, 1957, she was still holding down the run between there and Cheyenne, and was not scrapped until 1961.