Boston & Maine class P-4b Pacific No. 3716 was named Rogers' Rangers honoring a light infantry company that fought in the French and Indian War, some of whose officers became patriot commanders during the Revolutionary War. Carl Weber provided this photo taken at West Medford, Massachusetts, probably in the late 1940s. The P-4 class had an evaporative heating surface of 3848 square feet, a superheating surface of 966 square feet, and 67 square feet of grate area; other dimensions appear on the page for No. 3710. These engines lacked trailing truck boosters due to weight limitations over B&M lines, and as the photo reveals the as-delivered smoke deflectors were eventually removed. No. 3716 was scrapped in 1953, but No. 3713 of the P-4a class survives; after being displayed in several New England locations the locomotive is undergoing restoration to operating condition at Steamtown National Historic Site in Scranton, Pennsylvania.