The eight class K 4-8-4s of the Central of Georgia, seen here in the builder's photo of No. 455, were 1943 products of Lima Locomotive Works. Due to wartime restrictions on both new designs and new passenger power, they were dual-service takeoffs on the Southern Pacific's GS-2 class. Their 73-inch drivers allowed them to maintain a fast passenger train schedule; they had cylinder dimensions of 27x30 inches and sustained a boiler pressure of 250 p.s.i. As to steaming capacity they had a 90-square-foot grate area, 4705 square feet of evaporative heating surface, and 2059 square feet of superheating surface. They weighed 447,200 pounds and developed a tractive effort of 62,300 pounds. On the Central of Georgia they were given the nickname "Big Apples." They enjoyed only a brief ten-year career, all being retired from service by the end of 1953.