Six U.S. railroads operated versions of the Advisory Mechanical Committee's 2-8-4 Berkshire design, pioneered by the Nickel Plate's class S of 1934. The Chesapeake & Ohio, which styled them the "Kanawha" type after the river in their West Virginia home territory, fielded the largest number with 90 locomotives, plus the 40 Berkshires of the Pere Marquette which the C&O absorbed in 1947. The C&O's class K-4 differed from the other AMC examples in having their headlights mounted above the pilot instead of the smokebox front. No. 2717 is shown here at Columbus, Ohio in July 1946. She belonged to the second group of Kanawhas, delivered by American Locomotive Company in 1944. The Kanawhas weighed 460,000 pounds and produced 69,368 pounds of tractive effort. With 26x34 cylinders and 69-inch drivers, they carried 245 p.s.i. of boiler pressure; other specifications are given in the commentary on No. 2786. The image, photographer not specified, comes from a discontinued Flickr site.