In 1946 the American Locomotive Company delivered a second group of class R-67B Northerns to the Rock Island, this group being coal-fired unlike the oil-fired 1944 group. Their grate area totaled 96 square feet, and they had 4573 square feet of evaporative heating surface and 1438 square feet of superheater surface. The heating surface dimensions of these wartime 4-8-4s were reduced from those of earlier R-65 groups (which were also reclassified to R-67B when rebuilt). Because of their higher boiler pressure, however, they developed a somewhat greater tractive effort of 67,088 pounds. Due to wartime shortage of lighter metals they were heavier, at 467,000 pounds. This image of unspecified location and date, by a photographer named Johnson, was saved from a site that disappeared from the Internet some years ago. Retirement for all Rock Island R-67B locomotives came by the end of 1953.