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Tariffs and Miscellaneous Items

For condition codes, see below. Images not to scale.
Item Date Condition Price Notes
CB&Q MOW Maintence Instructions Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Rules and Instructions Governing Maintenance of Way and Structures July 15, 1948 Good 10.00 124-page hardcover manual with rules and instructions for signaling, motor car operation, roadmaster's and section foreman's duties, roadbed maintenance, tie and rail replacement, bridge and building foreman's duties, etc.
Not shown Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railroad [Letter] May 20, 1971 Good 5.00 Letter to Rand McNally from CRI&P General Superintendent of Transportation regarding information supplied for Rand McNally Commercial Atlas.
Not shown Des Moines Union Railway Switching Tariff 22 (ICC 40) January 20, 1959 Exc 5.00 12-page tariff. Supplement 2 (11-2-66) included.
Not shown Lake Erie, Franklin & Clarion Railroad Freight Tariff 1 (ICC 101). April 15, 1960 Exc 5.00 Table of distances between stations, and regulations and commodity rates. 6 pages of text.
Not shown Lake Erie, Franklin & Clarion Railroad Freight Tariff 2-B (ICC 112). March 27, 1972 Exc 5.00 List of stations with distances, and regulations for handling cars. 9 pages of text.
Not shown Laona & Northern Railway Local and Proportional Freight Tariff (and Distance Tariff) ICC No. 6 February 1, 1943 Good 5.00 Commodity tariffs and switching charges for 7.7-mile Wisconsin short line, 8 pages. Portion of county map with railroad highlighted is attached.
Not shown Michigan Central Railroad (NYC) Signal Aspects, Indications and Rules 1943 Good 5.00 Rules for reading interlocking, block and train order signals, with drawings. Both semaphore and color light signals. 4-page folder.
Vienna Junction Station Record New York Central System Station Record of Train Movements, Vienna Junction, Michigan 1940 Fair 6.00 (All) Record of train movements during 7:30pm-3:30am trick, January 1-12, 1940, at Vienna Junction, Michigan (north of Toledo). 4 sheets (sold together).
Not shown Oregon Pacific and Eastern Railway Local and Proportional Freight Tariff [Distance Tariff] ICC No. 19 September 15, 1947 Good 5.00 Table of Distances between stations. 3 pages of text.
Not shown Pacific Coast R.R. Local Freight Tariff ICC No. 45 (with Supplement 1) January 1, 1939 Good 6.00 Table of distances between stations, with switching rates. Supplement 1 effective 1-1-1940. Pacific Coast Railroad, in Seattle area, became part of Burlington Northern.
Raritan River RR Tariff Raritan River Rail Road Official List of Freight Stations [Distance Tariff] ICC No. 2347 October 25, 1956 Good 6.00 4-page list of stations and table of distances, with map (markings on map).
Not shown St. Louis-San Francisco Railway [and] Quanah, Acme & Pacific Railway Customer Service Agencies July 1, 1980 Exc 5.00 24-page agency directory issued by Customer Accounting Department.
Not shown Soo Line Railroad Supplement 6 to Freight Tariff MILW 6012-A June 15, 1992 Exc 6.00 Cancels Supplement 5. 14-page tariff supplement bringing forward stations formerly on MILW into SOO and canceling former MILW stations not on SOO.
Not shown Soo Line Railroad Supplement 7 to Freight Tariff MILW 6012-A November 1, 1992 Exc 6.00 Cancels Supplements 1 and 3. 26-page table of distances between junctions and interchange points, etc. on former MILW lines absorbed by SOO, canceling points transferred from SOO to WC.
Not shown Spokane, Portland & Seattle Railway, Oregon Electric Railway, Oregon Trunk Railway Table of Distances and List of Freight Stations (ICC No. 732) (with Supplements) August 18, 1951 Fair 6.00 Distance tariff, 13 pages of text. One corner water-stained. Supplements 7 (1-1-1955) and 9 (8-28-59) included.
Not shown Virginia Blue Ridge Railway [Letter] May 17, 1948 Good 5.00 Typewritten letter describing distances between stations on Virginia short line. Hand-drawn diagram attached.
Condition Codes
Exc = Virtually as printed — no markings, stamps, wear or damage. May show some paper ageing as appropriate, or slight creasing.
Good = A few markings and/or owner stamp and/or some creasing, but no damage and no appreciable wear or ageing.
Fair = Multiple markings and/or owner stamp and/or some creasing, wear or ageing.
Also see Notes for comments on condition.