This page presents images from a Spare Parts Catalog for the Baker Locomotive Valve Gear, issued by The Pilliod Company of Swanton, Ohio, probably around 1925-26. The company’s efforts were devoted to supplying original and replacement parts for the Baker gear, which had been applied to 10,000 locomotives at that time.

The catalog contains several introductory pages, reproduced below, describing the merits of the Baker valve gear and promoting the services of The Pilliod Company. Photos of the Swanton plant’s facilities are included.

The 80-page catalog has extensive illustrations of the various styles of Baker valve gear, along with their components, plus lists of a large number of available spare parts. It concludes with pictures of four locomotives illustrating the different styles. Only the five assembled valve gear frame styles and the locomotives are shown below;. click on the selectionto bring up a full size image, or page through the booklet. You can also view the entire Spare Parts Catalog in PDF format.

This Spare Parts Catalog was made available to me through the courtesy of Mr. Norm Zeiter, president of Swanton Welding & Machining Company.