The last set of Mohawk 4-8-2s acquired by the New York Central were the 25 members of class L-4b, delivered from Lima Locomotive Works in 1943-44. Like the L-3a and L-3c classes, the L-4b was equally at home in heavy freight or fast passenger service, as No. 3135's "cowcatcher" pilot suggests. The L-4s carried a boiler pressure of 250 p.s.i., and had 26x30-inch cylinders. With 72-inch disc drivers, they exerted 59,900 pounds of tractive effort. (For other specifications see the commentary for No. 3138.) The tender held 43 tons of coal and 15,500 gallons of water, and the total weight of both locomotive and tender was 766,700 pounds. This Lima builder's photo represented the "modern steam locomotive" in the Suggested Unit Course in Locomotive Firing issued by the State of New York in 1944. For the builder's three-quarter view of No. 3135, click here. Records indicate that this engine was retired at the end of 1956.