Gulf, Mobile & Ohio Electro-Motive 1800-horsepower boxcab 1200 began life in 1935 as Baltimore & Ohio No. 50. It was first placed in service between New York and Washington hauling the Royal Blue. In 1937 the locomotive and its train were sent to the Alton, then a B&O subsidiary to became the Alton's Anne Rutledge. The Alton redesigned the front of No. 50 in the "shovel nose" style of early diesel streamlining and assigned it to the Abraham Lincoln (see next page). Reportedly the unit was renumbered to 100 and, in 1946, to No. 1200, the number it retained after the Alton was absorbed by the GM&O in 1947. Subsequently the locomotive was restored to its original B&O configuration, though painted in the GM&O's red-and-maroon scheme. I photographed 1200 at the GM&O shops in Bloomington, Illinois in May 1955. A few years later this unit was retired and eventually donated to the Museum of Transportation in suburban St. Louis, where it is displayed restored to its B&O blue and bearing its original number.