A Canadian National Budd RDC-4 rests in the station at Lévis, Québec in August 1960 with a companion RDC-1. The number is hard to read on this transparency, but one source (CN Lines,, volume 12, no. 3) indicates that RDC-4 D-400 and RDC-1 D-100 were assigned to the Lévis-Rivière-du-Loup run at the end of 1960. The D-400 was built in 1954 as the D-150, renumbered to D-400 in 1956, to D-453 in 1961, and to 6453 in 1969. It was transferred to VIA Rail Canada in 1978 and subsequently retired. Only one RDC-4 remains, VIA Rail 6250.