The story of the Burlington Route's Pioneer Zephyr has often been retold (see, for example, the Wikipedia article). Built in 1934 by the Budd Company, its original stainless steel three-car, articulated consist was headed by power car 9900, which had a 600-horsepower Winton engine generating current for traction motors on the leading truck only. The Zephyr's first regular run was between Kansas City and Omaha-Lincoln, Nebraska. Beginning in 1955 the train was reassigned, for a time, to operate between Galesburg, Illinois and St. Joseph, Missouri. Logan Mayfield of Quincy, Illinois, was an engineer on this run; his grandson, Jim Mayfield, supplied this photo of the Zephyr boarding passengers and loading baggage at Macomb, Illinois (still an important stop for Amtrak's Illinois Zephyr and Carl Sandburg).

Today the Pioneer Zephyr is at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago. For many years it was displayed outdoors, but in 1998 it was moved to a new indoor display under the museum. I was present for the grand opening of the new display, and toured the train along with a crowd of invited VIPs. At the time I worked for Rand McNally; the president of the company was one of the invitees, but having no interest and knowing of my railroad hobby he asked me take his place. My son-in-law, who accompanied me, took this photo.