Gilbert Cossitt snapped this color image of Burlington Northern E9A units 9902, 9913 and a third unit at LaGrange, Illinois — not far from their Electro-Motive Division "birthplace" — on August 30, 1992. The units are nearing the end of their service life; 9902 will be retired in December, 9913 in October. EMD delivered unit 9902 in 1950 as CB&Q 9939A, which became BN 9939 before assuming its final number. Unit 9913 came from EMD in 1956 as CB&Q 9988B and then became BN 9983. Both units were rebuilt in 1973; once the power for the Burlington Route's long-distance passenger fleet, they spent their last years in Chicago's Metra service, contracted to the BN, hauling the high-level commuter cars as shown here. Normally only one unit was used on the Metra trains; possibly this three-unit consist is a deadhead move. The photo was given to me by a neighbor, who acquired it when it was included with a train set purchased for one of his children.