The Pennsylvania Railroad displayed class E7s Atlantic (4-4-2) type No. 8063, renumbered to 7002, at the 1949 fair. The original No. 7002, which had set a world steam speed record, had been scrapped. Caption on back of card: "The world's fastest run by a railroad train was made by the Broadway Limited of the Pennsylvania Railroad on Monday, June 2, 1905, when it ran 127.1 miles an hour between AY tower and Elida, Ohio. The Broadway Limited was pulled by coal-burning steam locomotive 7002, and although many swift runs have been made in recent years by steam, electric and diesel locomotives, none has equalled the 127.1 mile-an-hour record run established in 1905. At the Chicago Railroad Fair of 1949, Locomotive 7002 stands on a section of P.R.R. standard roadbed with rails weighing 155-pounds to the yard — heaviest in the world." This locomotive is now at the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania and appears in operation, together with PRR 4-4-0 1223, in the Mark I video/DVD Doubleheader!.