Immediate predecessor of the famous Pennsylvania Railroad K-4s Pacifics were the 30 4-6-2s of class K-3s erected in 1913 by Baldwin Locomotive Works. They had 80-inch drivers, 205 p.s.i. of boiler pressure, and 26x26-inch cylinders. Weighing 293,200 pounds, they exerted 32,283 pounds of tractive effort. Their evaporative heating surface totaled 3680 square feet, their superheater surface 845 square feet, and their grate area 55.4 square feet. They were built with the fabricated trailing truck, as seen here on No. 7546 in this view from October 3, 1947, location and photographer unknown. With the overwhelming success of the K-4s 4-6-2s the K-3s engines began to be retired, but some lasted till 1949. The image comes from Carl Weber's collection.